Directed by Jean-Marc Vallee
Produced by Cirrus Communications
VFX and postproduction at Fake Studio

CG and compositing
10 shots

Most of my work was on 2 shots on this: a ful CG shot of a unborn baby inside an uterus and a mostly CG fly throuh over Jerusalem and a desert.

We had some super nice reference footage from inside an uterus to base our work on. The baby ended up looking a bit like the modeller. I did previz and camera animation, rigging, shading, lighting and split the comp with our flame artist.

The fly through was 4 or 5 differents live action takes with CG in between. Mix of camera-projection, matte painting for background and fully CG procedural desert. I did everything but the matte painting, roto and a few final comp tweaks on the flame.

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