Sylvain Theroux

VFX supervisor, CG generalist, Compositor


I have 10 year of experience working in digital visual effects. I am both technically and artistically proficient. I like to learn new things and work with talented artists on inspiring projects.


VFX Supervision

Preproduction breakdown and bidding, on set supervision and postproduction team leading. In-depth knowledge of motion control .

CG & Compositing

Fast, technically-minded and efficient CG generalist with a focus on look-dev, lighting and compositing. Experience with complex stereo.

Pipeline & Scripting

Can code pipeline tools, glue code and other goodies to assist and automate production.


  • Nuke
  • Shake
  • Photoshop
  • Softimage
  • PFTrack, Boujou
  • Maya basics
  • Python
  • WX Python
  • Html, CSS basics


Fake Studio

VFX supervisor, CG Generalist and Compositor


Production VFX supervisor on feature films Cafe de Flore, Next Floor, Detour, Lucidite passagere and Deaddolls. Facility VFX Supervisor on Immortals, The Tourist, Piranha 3D, Higglety Pigglety Pop! and The Young Victoria.

VFX supervisor on numerous commercials and music videos for client including MGM Grand, Adidas, Tourisme Montreal, Subway, Omniyat, Maybelline, Pierre Lapointe and Corneille.

Lead CG and compositing teams of up to 20 artists. Was responsible for overall quality control and art direction on most FAKE's projects. Developped and maintained a show tracker to manage shots and artists that got used for 2 years on over 400 shots. Involved in over 30 motion control projects, usually with extensive previz.

Groupe Image Buzz

CG generalist


Compositor on the feature The Book of Eve. CG generalist and animator on various commercials.

Voodoo Arts



Rigger on Bilbo the Hobbit game cinematic.

Tube Images

3D Animator & Rigger


3D animator on Fred The Caveman. Rigger on Disney's Dumbo The elephant pitch.


NAD Centre - Montreal, Quebec

3D Animation & Visual Effects For Film & Television. — 2001

College Edouard-Montpetit - Longueuil, Quebec

Applied Sciences. — 1997-2000

Sylvain Theroux — — (514) - 732-0669